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Hair Shampoo

How to choose the right Hair Shampoo for your Hair Type

Buying the right Hair Shampoo can be challenging, especially if you don't know your hair type. There are so many types of Shampoos that you can select from depending on your hair and scalp type. At Chelli Hair Care company, we have several types of shampoos available for our customers. The shampoos range from non-moisturizing, smoothing, strengthening, thickening, color-safe to the hydrating ones that are good after a Hydrating hair wash. The following factors guide the choice of your Hair Shampoo:

Scalp type

Before selecting a specific shampoo, it's essential to ensure that you clearly understand what the shampoo does, how it will relate to your scalp and hair type, and how to use it. A hair Shampoo is generally manufactured to clean the dirt, oil, and other styling products present in your hair and scalp. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that you choose a Shampoo that takes care of your scalp and the roots of the hair. For example, if your scalp is oily, but with dry ends, it's advisable to choose a Shampoo that suits your oily scalp and moisturizes the hair after a Hydrating hair wash.

Understand your hair type.

It's easy to determine the type of Shampoo for your hair if you have colored or permed your hair. If your hair is permed, then there is a specific Shampoo that you can choose to take care of your hair curls. If you have colored your hair, you will need a Hair Shampoo that protects the hair color. The best Shampoo is that which has a high moisturizing content.

Beware of Claims from Manufacturers

It's also essential to understand the Shampoo manufacturers' claims as most of them don't live to their claims. The ingredients that they use on their Shampoos should not be harmful to your hair and scalp. The ingredients listed are essential because some are very harmful to your hair.

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